Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Missed the Fireworks!

Well, we saw a few from the field but we missed the fireworks show yesterday. Mostly because of uncomfortable pregnant lady(me) who didn't want to walk to six miles downtown and back and the still slightly ill-ish dude(Mark) who also isn't up for that much of a journey right now. So Ciaran and I scoped out a place in our parking lot, until the mosquitoes tried to eat us to watch our neighbors lighting their fireworks off. Ciaran covered his eyes and looked the other way for the most part. He was just not very impressed. Next year, we will be back into our groove with Ciaran, baby Ed, able to walk those six miles there and back without complaint and end the night with our usual: put the kiddos to bed and drink a couple of good strong beers! (Watch it rain next year.)

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