Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Having Fun

Which I guess is what should be the case especially this time of the year. I had already figured by the end of August that I wouldn't be able to do much for the holidays as far as building up stock for my shops, shopping, and decorating for the holidays, so I just ended up going with the flow. I made pretty much all of my gifts this year, and tried my hand at some new things. It was so much fun and I was successful!( I'll share after the holidays so I don't give it all away) I am pretty disappointed that I didn't reach all the goals I had put in place for myself this year, but pretty impressed that I made it through all sorts of weirdness this year AND brought into the world a healthy, happy baby! So far, it's been a wild ride and I am truly trying to enjoy each and every day. Ed lets me work here and there and seems to become more patient with me by the day. Hopefully soon, she'll let me work on finishing up a few things for my shops so I can get back to business. Right now my only goal is to enjoy this holiday season this year, for what it's meant to be . A time for caring about and for others, loving, and appreciating those around me. I haven't been able to do this in a while, it's pretty fun when you just let all the busy, panicky, unnecessary stuff go and enjoy each day. I highly recommend it!

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