Monday, November 2, 2009

We made it through the spookiest of days! We had a great time trick or treating on the plaza on Saturday. Ciaran looked awesome in his blue m&m costume and actually didn't seem to mind wearing it. Edolie freaked out about having to be a lady bug but soon fell asleep and could have cared less about all the festivities going on around her. Since I am not supposed to be doing much, or Halloween celebration was cut a little bit short with us all hiding out at the grocery store snacking away on baked goods and watching the fog and mist until our bus came to take us back home. Once back home, we carved our "Jack O' Pumpkins" and then headed out to find a nice place in the field for Mac to rest. Once we said our final goodbyes to Ms. Grouchypants, we headed back home, and promptly passed out from exhaustion. Good times once again! I love Halloween!

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jewelry Rockstar said...

sounds like u had a cool halloween. mind was awful thanks to a mask thief. come by and read about it.