Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abner and Imogene Need a New Home

They really do. Not a new family, but a new enclosure, one with a little bit more crawling room. The trouble is finding a new home that Ciaran can't get in to. Their present enclosure is now torn on one side from Abner trying to escape and their almost new uvb/heat bulb just blew out. So I figure I will either invest in a new reptarium( a very cool screen covered enclosure) for them or a huge water tub, like the kind they have on farms for cattle, in the next month or so. I think the reptarium is the best bet because it is fully enclosed in screen so my little investigative darling can't open it up. The first necessity is a new uvb/heat bulb for them. They need that when they are inside and especially since we have so much grey and foggy weather it helps to keep their little bodies in check. I worry about them having enough room to get much needed exercise and enough heat to bask in.

I really wanted to build them an outside enclosure this year since we have the perfect space for it. I just don't think it would be wise with all the raccoons and other critters that hang out in our yard. Someday, I hope to have them outside in their own space with lots of plants to eat and things to climb and places to dig and tunnel in to. That would be the best!

Well hopefully my little shelled wonders will forgive me until then. For now it is a magical inside terrarium, a bit bigger and in better shape than the one they are in now, and a brand new sunshine.