Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sleepy Day.......

Sleepy and tired and achy! That goes for all of us. Ciaran is sleeping in so I have a chance to write before he is up and running. We decided on our way home that today we would make pancakes for breakfast which sounds great, now I just wish we had decided to go out and have pancakes at a restaurant instead of having to make them. I don't want to stand up. I just want to sit in this chair and watch my zombie movies all day. I have also had to break up at least three cat fights this morning between the stray tabby that has adopted us and Mac, the little cat that thinks she is a huge leopard. It is pretty funny to watch them fight with each other through the window. They are so serious and so loud! They go through all the motions but can't really get at each other. I guess it would help if they actually made eye contact when they were screaming at one another. All it turns out to be is just a lot of yowling and hissing. I think it is funny but it scares Ciaran and I figured it would wake him up if he heard it. He needs his beauty sleep. I need him to have his beauty sleep without scary cat fight noises. So that is the plan: sleeping in, pancakes, zombie movies, and lots of hanging out on the couch.

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