Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My custom ladybug wallet is all done and very ladybug-i-licious! I am quite proud of it and I really like the design. I expanded on the polka dot wallet by making it a little bigger and adding on slip pocket for cash. I hope it is well loved by it's new owner.

Earlier, Ciaran and I had an appointment up the street and decided to take a walk through the fields. We saw lots of beautiful blooming plants. His favorites are dandelions and buttercups. I really love looking at all the different colors and shapes of the wild flowers. We also saw lots of blueberries and currants, yum!!! Now I want blueberry muffins, crumble, waffles, and anything else that tastes wonderful with blueberries in it. We saw a lot of birds out there today too. Two hawks that were soaring overhead and lots of hummingbirds zooming about. It was a really wonderful way to start the day.

I am so glad that Ciaran takes his cookie monster toy wherever we go because he usually falls flat on his face when he is running around and cookie monster it seems, has saved him from scraping his little face off. All those little mini heart attacks, and it just gets better from here. So I am off to my secret laboratory to work while the little guy snoozes. Have a great day!


EVY Designs said...

Seen your web address on etsy, thought I would have a look, just wanted to say what an adorable wallet.

bye for now

nicaeli said...

thanks so much!:)