Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coffee, Cats, and Painting

I am getting a rare moment to myself with my steaming hot cup of coffee and a warm purring cat snuggled next to me. I am painting some plum and lime green leather for some "splat" appliques for my next wallet. I love it! I can get a little bit done, enjoy my coffee, and reconnect with one of our fuzzy roommates. This particular fuzzy one has a date with the veterinarian on Tuesday. He must be so excited. It will be nice to have all of his medical needs out of the way for the rest of the year.

Yui suffers from seizures, so he has to have medication on a daily basis. So once a year, poor Yui goes to visit his friends at the animal clinic, where he is poked with needles, and checked out head to toe. Looking at him you would never guess that he has a medical condition at all. He is HUGE! He weighs a bit over seventeen pounds and is taller and longer than any other cat in our neighborhood. He is also the sweetest and most timid cat in the neighborhood. I don't think I have ever heard him growl or hiss at any other cat. The only time he has hissed at me was when I was stepping on his tail and didn't realize it. Sorry Yui.


kim* said...

sorry to hear that. my 8 year old cat suffers from asthma. it has been since last october. he has to get shots every month. i try to catch it as soon as i can tell. keep giving your baby lot of love.

nicaeli said...

thanks, I hope your kitty is doing well. Asthma sounds scary!