Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Not much to report today. I will be taking the kid downtown to our annual Fourth of July festival on the plaza. It is a really nice way to celebrate the holiday with lots of arts and crafts, local food, and music. It seems that all of Humboldt County is out celebrating. Mark doesn't really want to go, he is so over the arts and crafts thing. So it will be me and Ciaran. Then later this evening we trudge back downtown for our annual foggy fireworks display. I don't think I have been through one of our fireworks displays that wasn't foggy. The fog adds to the beauty I think. After that, we head home, put small child to bed, and I pass out on the couch from exhaustion. When the day is done I will have walked to town and back four times(over 12 miles), I will be tired, but at least I will have gotten my exercise for the weekend. Have a great day everyone!


Rosebud Collection said...

That is alot of walking..A happy 4th..Even if you are tired, just think how healthy you will be..

nicaeli said...

I guess that is the best way to look at it. I am definitely feeling a bit run down today.