Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dirty Clothes and A Visit to the Vet

Here is my newest made amongst the chaos of fighting cats and screaming toddler. I love the color combination. The blue leather by itself is kind of odd. It is a blue-grey leather and not very exciting by itself. The purple and the green seem to make it happy because it brightens up next to them. Oh happy little wallet!

Today is vet day! I get to go in dirty clothes because the washing machine for our apartment complex is broken and no one has come out to fix it. So I am stinky. I doubt the pets will mind. It will give them more to do while they are waiting for their turn to be poked and prodded by their doctor. It just feels so gross to not have anything clean to wear. Why bother taking a shower if I have to wear the same pair of jeans that I have been wearing for the last week. Blah! Luckily, I have clean underwear. If I didn 't I would have probably cancelled Yui's appointment.

Right now I am sipping on my second cup of coffee and listening to Ciaran make velociraptor noises from his crib. The kid cracks me up! He has quite a collection of sound effects and it keeps growing day by day. Yay for a sunny day and COFFEE!!!


Jennifer said...

Fighting cats and screaming toddlers. Sounds so familiar. How is it we get anything done. Coffee, mmmm, coffee:)
Lovely work BTW!

nicaeli said...

yep, I am amazed if I get a shower and breakfast most days:)


kim* said...

Looks awesome, the colors are stellar together.

nicaeli said...

thanks Kim:)