Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nothing New

Humbug Beazus is fighting the computer for a spot on my lap, Ciaran is playing with his piano, two baby wipes containers, Elmo, and a cardboard tube on the couch, Mac is having an argument with a large tabby through the deck window, and Yui is just hanging out watching the birds fly by. A lovely mellow day. Still smokey and orange out there but it is a little more tolerable than the past few weeks have been.

Later we head downtown to get Mark more supplies for his second brewing attempt. I love trips downtown, I get fancy coffee drinks, and Ciaran gets a cookie! I need to get a few things too. I have been looking for nice sized/weight snap clips for my bags and wallets for a while now. So I am heading to our local hardware store to get a couple from there. Then tonight, Ciaran and I head over to my parents' house to meet the new puppy and have pizza. My parents sound like they are already in love. I think it is great, exactly what they need right now. It is amazing how just a little being like that can bring all the happy back in an instant. It is great to hear them sound so positive.

I am so excited, I sold my first travel wallet! I sure hope it's new owner gets great use out of it. It definitely makes me excited about working. I just keep sewing and a sewing and a sewing, and I like it like that. I think I will celebrate by getting some new paint! I have my eye on some metallic lavender at the art store downtown, and it's on sale, Yipee!

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