Thursday, July 17, 2008

Off to Hunt for Treasure!

That is the plan for today. I am off to our biggest thrift store to search for more leather and some wool sweaters for various projects. I also need to find Ciaran a high chair so we can transition from his baby seat to a more distinctive toddler seat. Actually, he is just to darn big for that little seat anymore so he needs something that is a bit more roomy. I am sure he will appreciate having a bit more elbow room when he is refusing every single little bit of food we offer him. Last night he refused his dinner of chicken, carrots, and cheerios so the cats got most of it.

I was really inspired to make some fall/winter clothing the other day. I was looking through a clothing catalog that had it's selection of new and inspired fall and winter wear. All of which was super over priced but some really great ideas for easy, comfortable, and warm clothing. Lots of big bulky vests and things. I have been searching for a way to utilize old sweaters to make some nice outerwear for myself for my chilly day walks. (I can't believe I am already thinking about the fall and winter) I keep finding great wool sweaters when I am searching for treasure at the local thrift stores but they are usually too small, or worn in certain areas, so I plan to play around with some deconstruction and reconstruction to see what happens. I think I have found my inner fourteen year old, thrift store searching, used clothes wearing, punk rock self. I now prefer a do it yourself outfit to anything brand new. I kind of like it that way.

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