Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Applewine and a Walk Downtown

I got to try the applewine last night. It is really good! I can't wait to have more than just a sip. Yummy, slightly sweet, kind of dry, like hard cider. Mark is getting pretty good at this brewing stuff. I hope he keeps his interest. Now everyone in the family wants to try his concoctions, mostly out of curiosity. I think everyone should be pleasantly surprised. The applewine should be ready by my birthday next month so I can celebrate my 39th with a nice cold glass! EEK! 39? Already? How did that happen?

Today, Ciaran and I are heading downtown to mail out a few parcels and pick up some interfacing and paint. I will probably cruise the thrift stores to see if there is any treasure to be had. It is a foggy day, not too cold, not too hot, just perfect for a walk. A perfect day for coffee, a cookie, the post office, the fabric store, and the thrift stores. I just found a pumpkin orange suede jacket yesterday, I can't wait to make things with it. I have been so inspired by the colors of the lupines and poppies growing along the highway, I really want to make a few items in those particular colors. The colors we have in this world are really amazing!

Later, I am hoping to get a few minutes to solder a pendant and a ring that I have been working on for ages. The ring is a mixture of copper and sterling silver, which will have an opal set in it, and the pendant is one of my fused sterling silver pieces. My real concern is the ring. I haven't soldered copper and silver together in a long time and this piece is a custom order for someone else. This is my second attempt at this project. I only solder when Ciaran is safely asleep so it might have to wait until late tonight. I will be the secret midnight solderer. I have my fingers crossed that all will go well. Soldering is tricky even when you know what you are doing. It gets really tricky when you pick it up after not doing it for a while. I hope I have good soldering energy tonight. Wish me luck!

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