Monday, June 30, 2008


The beer Mark's making went funny last night! I had noticed earlier in the evening that it was hissing, booming and banging and gurgling up a storm in the closet. Apparently something within the container was "over stimulated" and caused a lot of pressure build-up and lots of oozing. Mark had to eventually move it from our closet to the bath tub just in case of explosion. It spent the rest of the night there gurgling and hissing away. It did'nt blow-up, but it sure sounded like it would.

Ciaran also had a gurgling, booming, banging, and hissing belly last night. He woke up at about 2 am crying and I spent my night on the couch listening to Ciaran's tummy and the beer in the bathroom conversing with each other. It was pretty comical actually. Ciaran's belly would make a statement and then the big tub o' beer would respond with a hiss and a gurgle. I don't really like being up all night but it was too hard to sleep. I am still dealing with my allergy/sinus-y head all night, every night and all the dripping and pressure that go with it. So up I stayed, listening to every little noise made inside/outside/next door, in this tiny apartment it is hard not to hear every noise ever made by us and our neighbors.

Today all is calm, Ciaran's tummy has mellowed out with some cheerios and milk for breakfast. The beer seems to napping the morning away and the cats and tortoises are snoozing peacefully at their various posts throughout the apartment. I hope tonight is more peaceful and all of us get some sleep.

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