Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ciaran Made a Friend!

My son Ciaran made a friend yesterday. He made two friends actually. One person and one dog. We decided to go out for a walk yesterday afternoon just to get out of the house and have some play time. On our way back from downtown we usually walk through a large sports field and elementary school so Ciaran can practice walking and get a little exercise. As we were walking yesterday, we saw a yellow haired boy, his mom, and a huge yellow dog playing in the field. I did'nt think anything of it until Ciaran started bolting across the field to the little boy. The little boy also ran towards him. They both stopped short of running into each other and stared at one another's feet. Then the big and happy yellow dog came running over and gave Ciaran a big ol' sloppy doggy kiss across his face. It was really cute. I am glad to see that my son is a bit more socially outgoing than his mom. I am so weirded out by meeting new people, I often miss out on opportunities to get know other people. It made my day to see Ciaran so curious and happy, I hope he makes many good friends throughout his life.


sooz said...

Hi Nicael, I think I have finally figured out how to post a response. I needed to start another gmail account. I've been following your blog and enjoy hearing about your life. Sorry about the allergies--I've had the same problem. Smoke from the fires hasn't helped. Our cabin near Denny is surrounded by fires--Walt has been clearing leaves just in case it is gets closer. (about 3 miles away presently)-Well, I'm ready to see if this works. Susan

nicaeli said...

eek, I hope those fires don't get any closer, how scary!!!

I am so glad you found me, thanks for reading!