Friday, June 13, 2008

A Bump in The Night

So last night I was all alone putting the finishing stitching on my latest wallet. Mark had gone out for a short walk and Ciaran was snoozing away toddler style(on his face with his little bottom stuck up in the air) I was pretty comfortable, watching the end of "The Thing" and sewing away with the cats all curled up around me.

Then I hear this huge CRASH!!! on the deck which made me jump about 10 feet off the couch. I looked out of the window onto our deck but I could'nt see anything. I was kind of scared to turn on the light to the deck but I eventually did only to discover the biggest raccoon I have ever seen staring back at me. At first I thought "Oh, how cute!" Then I started to look around the deck. It was trashed! All of my planters were face down on the ground, our outside tortoise cage was turned upside down and my six pack of snap pea starts were lying on their faces on the ground too. I was'nt really mad because I figure he could smell the tortoise cage and was just looking around for them. Luckily, we keep them inside at night.

I patiently waited for him to leave and eventually he did. So then I went out to save my peas from dying a slow painful death on their faces in the middle of the night. I was a little bit scared to go outside after spending the afternoon reading about Rabies. I did'nt want to be attacked by some crazy rabid raccoon that had staked the peas out for himself and did'nt want to share. I went out quickly and picked up the peas only to hear more rustling in the berry brambles, when I turned toward the noise, I saw the little masked bandit staring out at me. I called him a jerk for knocking my peas over and got my butt back inside. My peas are safe and sound on the counter this morning. They will be planted today and probably massacred by our little friend tonight. Little stinker!


foxaz said...

Racoons are very destructive, but sooo cute! We had one eating the goldfish out of our fishpond. Nothing is safe with those critters around. They aren't afraid of humans and will not back down for anything. Be careful!
(funny story though...)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Found your blog through the iCraft forum thread. We also have a raccoon trying to get into our fishpond. My father-in-law recommended spraying WD-40; we sprayed it along the fence by the pond and he didn't come back that night! Maybe you might want to give your deck a few squirts!

nicaeli said...

thanks for the info! I'll have to try it.