Friday, June 27, 2008

What the Heck Man!

The title of my post is definitely more exciting than my actual post today. That is my disclaimer.

So if I haven't complained enough, my allergies are driving me crazy these days. I thought I beat them years ago. Now they are back and worse than ever. I was working last night and my face started to burn and itch, when I went to check it out in the mirror, My face was covered in hives. Crazy! I don't really mind the allergies so much as the way they interrupt my work. I was so excited to get a few things done last night, including a custom order and I ended up too drippy and itchy to work. Part of the problem seems to be that Northern California is on fire, and the air is full of smoke. That is a bummer all in itself, I feel really awful for anyone in the immediate area of those fires. I can't imagine how scary that must be for them. Yucky stuff all around. Around here, we get the smoke and ash from the fires. The light has this orange tint to it and the air feels really heavy. It makes it hard to breath. Smokey and yucky, blahhhh!!!!

In other news, my new wallets are turning out lovely. I finished three and sold one yesterday. I have three more cut out and ready to put together. I was in a panic yesterday because my machine seemed to be skipping stitches with the last one I put together so I did all sorts of little tests to see what was going on. It turns out that the way the wallet is put together makes it hard for the machine to sew the last hem around the outside of the wallet. So I messed around with a few ideas and decided to try using the zipper foot to sew the outside seam, and it worked!!! Yay! I love my machine. What a trooper! I tell it thank you and give it a hug and a kiss each time I use it.


twenty pound tabby said...

Allergies are driving us nuts too. My daughter is getting over full body hives that start last Sunday. We don't know why she's got them. I get hives from so many things. And the fires aren't helping the asthma. Wish I knew what we did to cause all this.

nicaeli said...

Sorry to hear that, hope you and your daughter feel better soon.