Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Don't Know Why I Love The Oyster Festival

I don't eat oysters.....I can't eat shellfish. I don't care all that much for seafood of any kind anyways, and all of Arcata downtown smells funny on Oyster Fest day. But I still love going to the Oyster Festival. I love wandering around, people watching and looking at all the different ways the local restaurants come up with to prepare oysters. I would love to head downtown early, grab a spot on the plaza and plant myself for the day, but Mark has other plans. He has to get in his daily bike ride and some down time first. Mark is not one for spending the whole day there. It ends at 5pm and the last two years we've ended up there at about 4:30pm. It is just so much fun to wander around see all the drunken and otherwise standing in huge lines for gourmet oysters. I usually go and get myself a donut and a coffee and just hang back and watch the crowds, listen to the live music, and the oyster calling contest.

I guess the Oyster Festival is like the official start of summer up here. Everyone in town seems to come to the plaza to celebrate. Now since I like summer again, I can enjoy it too! So that is the plan for today along with getting some small paintings done for grampy and Mark and making a caramel apple pie. I wonder if I will actually have any time left for sewing?.....Oh, and the raccoon did'nt eat the peas by the way, they are still firmly planted in the garden and thriving,Yay!


Nora said...

I don't think I've ever eaten oysters. But I'm not that picky with my food. Too bad we don't have any festivals in my town. But if I wanted to, I probably have to drive there.

Vanessa said...

It sounds like something I might like too. I do like oysters but ONLY smoked or panfried. No other way. I am not a huge seafood fan either, a few things are ok though. I do love a market and a festival though!

nicaeli said...

The festival was great! I wish I could enjoy the oysters but I did have a great cup of coffee and Mark got to try all sorts of oysters.