Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beautiful but Blustery

That is what it is like outside. Beautiful and sunny but super windy. I would'nt mind normally but I have to go out in it. I forgot to get thread for my messenger bags and zippers for a couple of the bigger wallets that I am working on. I normally love my walks downtown but not when the wind is blowing all the dust from the street into my eyes, nose, and mouth and ripping my hair out strand by strand. I guess I must be dedicated to getting these bags and wallets done or I would be sitting on my butt today watching my son play spaceship instead. Oh well, it is an excuse to get coffee and baked goods on the way. I could make it a family outing and get my guy to go with us so we can get the remaining ingredients for the apple wine he is making. That would be fun. Mark hate the wind even more than I do though, so something tells me that Ciaran and I will be going it alone. Back to the cookie and coffee idea. At least Ciaran will be protected by his little stroller bubble thingy that we got him. I wish I had a little bubble thingy that would protect me too.


Little Dickens Designs said...

I wish I had a little bubble thing that could protect me from lots of stuff!

I really like your work!

nicaeli said...

thank you so much for checking out my work:)