Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Hairdos!

We finally got around to getting our hair cut yesterday. We made it a family event. Mark took Ciaran while I got my long,stringy hair chopped and then we both held on to Ciaran as he screamed and cried through his haircut. I am so glad we left the length of his hair, he still has his curls. My main concern was getting his bangs cut so he could see. He has been wandering around far too long with his hair in his eyes, tripping over his own feet because he cant see them.

Other than haircuts, we spent the day downtown getting the last of the ingredients for Mark's beer, getting more snaps for my wallets, and touring around town. Then we stopped for a lunch of burgers and fries from our local burger place. On our way home we stopped at the park to let Ciaran get some excercise. He ended up sitting in a dirt pile, where he decided to dig through it with Cookie Monster.

Once we got home we got Ciaran get settled for the evening and I helped Mark make his second batch of beer. The first one turned out pretty darn good. I am anxious to try this one. Now we have a huge bucket of applewine and a huge bucket of beer fermenting in our closet. Should be fun to try it all out.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

new hairdos are good stuff! but, a new hairdo and craft brew-now that's heavenly!

nicaeli said...

I am pretty excited about it:) The first one he made was really tasty, I bet this one will be even better.