Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Bit of Down Time

So my goal yesterday was to finish my darn messenger bag to list on icraft yesterday. I tried with the best of intentions to do this but ended up in a zombie-like state half way through the day. I was already pretty tired from being up with Ciaran two nights in a row and then I remembered that I needed to go out and weed our back garden. My goal with the garden is to get out to weed and prune a couple days a week. So I went out to weed and ended up having a huge allergy attack. I could'nt stop sneezing, my whole face was dripping, my ears itched, my tongue and throat itched, I got hives all over my legs, and I was miserable! I ended up taking my crazy allergy medication that not just stops the reaction but also makes me a super, unsneezy zombie. So there went my plans for the day. I spent it on the couch trying to keep one eye on Ciaran while he played with a cardboard tube, a book, and his stuffed puppy. I was sooooo bummed out. I hate when I don't meet my goals. So today it is! This bag gets made and listed or else!!!!


Valerie said...

I got the big allergy attack yesterday too. I'm usually ok with local treatment (Nose spray, eye drops...) But I had to take the dreaded PILLZZZ ! (Those who transform you into a zombie !)

I was miserable. *Hugs* I know how you feel.

nicaeli said...

Thanks! Hope you're feeling better. Allergies sure do suck don't they.