Friday, June 6, 2008

I am Trying Something new

So this bag is the one I will be making for myself out of bright aqua suede when I finish up my two messenger bags and a couple more wallets. I can't wait! I love the color of the suede and I get to do my own colorful designy applique for it. I just have so many other projects to get done. Luckily most don't take a large amount of time to do and I work on them a little at a time. The one thing I struggle with is having enough to stock up my etsy shop and icraft shop and being able to experiment with new designs and ideas.

The messenger bags are turning out to be a breeze despite the number of pockets I have on them. I decided to only add an interior slide pocket on both bags but I have added a few extra on the front of the bag. I think they will work out great. I was so miserable because one of my leather finds, a huge creamy-biege coat that appeared to be suede, turned out to be faux suede. Then as I was cutting out my other messenger bag I had the great idea of making the coat into a messenger as well. It is nice and durable fabric and it will eventually make a great bag for someone. I will post pics when they are both finished. As long as they turn out half way decent!

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