Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Happy October everyone! I thought I would celebrate the start of one of my favorite months with a favorite picture of one of my Jack o' lanterns from a while back. I am sitting here waiting for paint to dry and watching a storm come in. We are supposed to have some rainy-ness over the next few days so it should make for productivity for me. As long as Ciaran can handle it, I am good to go! Hopefully I will have some new items for my shops by the weekend. I have a bunch ready to put together, I just need to get my butt in gear! It has been kind of tricky to balance child care, cleaning, taking care of a sick, elderly kitty, sewing, and soldering. I am managing to get it done somehow.................I have no idea how. I have procrastination in my blood, and I have gotten in trouble with it from time to time. When I started working and went off to school, I fought the procrastination bug and won. With all my time at home lately, it occasionally creeps back in, and if I am lucky enough to notice it early enough, I smack it around and send it packing. So far so good.

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