Thursday, October 30, 2008

Diggin' For The Debil!

My newest little snappy wallet. I had to go with the green and black again. I just couldn't resist. My new machine really does a kick butt job with all this leather and suede. I am a very happy camper!

I just finished the Ciaran's little devil costume. He is way too cute in it. Although he swims in it. I decided to make it a little larger so he could wear the pants and hoodie through the winter. Yes! I cheated and I am not afraid to say it!

Anyways, the little devil thing made me think of my little sister and her obsession with the devil when she was little. My little sister is on the quiet side. She keeps to herself for the most part and has done so since she was tiny. I remember in kindergarten watching her in the kindergarten play yard with the group of kids she had convinced to help her dig for the devil in the sandbox. She and the other kindergartners were going to dig the dude up and kick his spiny butt all over town. I just remember when she and the others were asked what they were up to they would reply "We're diggin' for the debil, and when we get him, we are going to beat him up!" While I was busy building my clay creatures, or drawing pictures of "Sky-Dog"( that is a whole other story in itself) in the second grade yard, I would occasionally hear whoops and hollers of "Let's get him guys! Don't let him go! We are going to beat him up!" It still makes me giggle to this day. So every time I see a picture of a devil, I think of my bad-ass little sister and her four and five year old gang of hooligan's tormenting the devil. I don't think that game would fly in these times, but it is one of my most hilarious and treasured school memories.

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