Friday, October 10, 2008

My Newest Custom Order

The end of the week has brought a successful finish to my latest custom order. It was really fun to put together. I love a challenge and it was quite a challenge sewing a teeny ohm sign onto this little wallet. It turned out beautifully though and I am glad. I hope it's new owner will be happy with it:)

It has been a long and crazy week full of terminally ill kitties, tantruming toddlers, and other shenanigans. Now that it is winding down, I am looking forward to a weekend of pumpkin patch exploring, and festival going. I need to get out of the house, get my mind on other things, and wrap my head around what is really going on here. I need to sort out a new schedule for Ciaran and I, and get cracking on more stuff! I just want to be as efficient as possible, especially with Humbug needing a lot of extra care for the rest of her time here. I am sure it will all work out but I at least want to have a plan, a plan will just make me feel better. It's that safety thing, just having some grasp on what is happening next...........even though what I plan and what actually happens could be two totally different things. Ah the unexpected! Surprises me every time:)


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I am a habitual planner, as well as the recipient of many surprises. I guess it is the curse for planning. I can't call it.

I'm sorry to hear about Humbug, I hope she remains as comfortable as possible while you get your head around phase II. Hugs.

nicaeli said...

I can't either, I guess it's good to have a plan but be prepared to throw it out, just in case of surprises:)

thanks so much for your kind words, Humbug is actually toughing it out pretty well, back to hissing and growling and calling the shots, in her little kitty queendom:)

kim* said...

lovely custom :)

nicaeli said...

Thank you so much:)