Sunday, October 26, 2008

My newest custom creation with the cutest little currency signs ever. I sure had fun making this one! I hope it's new owner enjoys it just as much:)

The little devil is coming along nicely. The little devil costume that is. Ciaran wants to wear his new little horned hoodie around the house and throws huge fits whenever I tell him no. My sewing machine is once again putting up with me despite it's injury so the sewing is going just fine. I am just praying that it holds out through the rest of the costume sewing. Now Mark wants a devil costume too. I don't think I can take having two devils in the house at the same time. Too darn evil for me:)

The week ahead holds lots of baking( I am trying my hand at soul cakes and yummy pumpkin cookies, hopefully the arrival of a new sewing machine, then lots of sewing, trick or treating and hot apple cider. Maybe even a ghoulish dance with a jack o'lantern. Sounds like spooky good fun to me. I am off to enjoy a scary movie and a cup of coffee while my little devil is napping. Have a great day all!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Love this with the dollar sign, that's what we need right now!

nicaeli said...

Thanks! I really like the idea too, I hope the person who I made it for enjoys it:)