Thursday, October 2, 2008

The New And Improved Pouch!

So this is the new and improved pouch I have been working on. I decided to make it in the style of a messenger with an extra pocket in the front, and a zipper pocket and three other pockets inside. I love how it turned out. This one is a belated birthday present for a good friend of mine and I really hope she likes it. I put a key chain/clip on this one for a little added bonus and I think that is how I want to go with the rest of them. I think they come in handy. I am going to miss the lime green suede. I am down to the last few pieces now. So sad. Hopefully I will be getting my lovely green and yellow racer's jacket soon so I will have some bright kelly green to work with. That should liven things up a bit. I have decided to make my next pouch in teal and brown. I am adding an iridescent sheen to a piece of aqua suede I have and so far it looks marvelous! I am sure it will make a great pouch.

We had a lovely shopping day yesterday! I bought myself some new mineral make-up from HeavenlyNaturals and Ciaran and I picked out some lovely Halloween decorations. He went with the orange glow in the dark skeleton and I picked out a garland with all sorts of Halloween inspired characters for the inside. Next will be the pumpkin patch! I can't wait! I just have to remember to bring batteries for the camera this time.


Devin said...

Love the new pouch super cute:0)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Great pouch! I want to go with you guys to the pumpkin patch!

My kids are acting all grown up on me...tsk tsk.

nicaeli said...

thanks for checking out my work:)

Awww, come on along with us, it will be fun, they have a maze and everything:)