Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Never the greatest of ideas, but I sure wish my belly could tolerate it today. I woke up with not much of an appetite but a huge lustful urge for coffee! I love coffee but some days I just crave it like food. Weird! I need the caffeine to keep up with the kid today and make our trip downtown. I am truly out of it. Going to bed late, not sleeping well, and getting up to rescue a screaming toddler may be some of the reason for my zombie like state. Ciaran seems to fair better than me. He is watching a cartoon and screaming "ALL-RIGHT!" at the screen. I wish I could just steal a little bit of that energy. It would help so much! Well, "ALL-RIGHT!" I am off to eat, drink, and glue things. Have a great day:)


Brighton Early said...

I'd give anything for that kind of energy! hehe

nicaeli said...

me too!:)