Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh My! It's October Tomorrow!!!!

It is October tomorrow and I have much to do! Now that I am done with my custom order computer bag, I will be doing a bit of celebrating one of my favorite months of the year.

First thing is to get some wild Halloween decorations to put up around here. I found a bright purple plastic skeleton to hang on our door so now I need some decorations to compliment it. I am thinking that blinking eyeball lights and fuzzy spiders would be lovely!

Then I need to start Ciaran's costume, he is going to be a little devil in bright red fleece! I found a great little hoodie/pants pattern to use, so the kiddo can wear his costume all winter long. I am also attempting to make him a pair of red booties out of wool and leather, I have cut out the soles of the booties, I just need to cut out and decorate the tops.

I will of course be working like crazy on my various projects to get them ready for our upcoming holiday season. I just found a whole bunch of ornaments to solder and put together that I made when I was pregnant with Ciaran. All new designs too! Those and the ones I made over the last few months should be enough for our two shows. Yay! I still have to solder the seams and make stone settings for them but if I can get back into the groove, I can do a bunch at a time and spend an evening or two setting all the stones. Lots of work ahead but I am feeling quite fearless and ready for anything. I am getting myself up early these days so I have a couple of extra hours for work. I get up and work with my old and frail fuzzy beast Humbug quietly purring away next to me. I am sure she would rather I just snuggle her, but she seems content to hang out and watch me work.