Friday, September 19, 2008

It Was Only A Tease:(

So the happy sunny day was just a precursor to a partly cloudy rainy day today. I woke up to grey-violet skies and drip drops on the deck. The sun came out to smile just once and quickly got tackled by more grey clouds. Not that I don't love the rain, I just wanted to get out today. I finally have the use of my upper body again, and I want to take stinker out for a walk. So instead I sip coffee and work on new things.

My latest color combo reminds me of a stormy day. Lots of muted greys, violets, and greens, very soft and soothing. I have three little pieces to finish up today, so the rain helps as far as planting my butt in the chair and getting things done. It feels good to work without having to take OWIE! breaks every ten minutes or so. I am still sore but able to move. Maybe my neck knows it is Friday and time to PARTAY!

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