Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can't Move! Part two

So my whole upper body is still cramped and sore. I can't move much of anything so far. I tried doing a couple of yoga poses to stretch stuff out but the soreness keeps coming back. Today I had planned to catch up on some sewing and a little bit of metal work but since I can't move my head or neck.....or shoulders and arms, I am out of luck once again. I am getting some of my new items listed in my Etsy shop and my icraft shop though. There is one of my newest billfolds, I love the caramel colored leather, it is so smooth and soft. I wish I had tons more to work with, but the jacket it came from was on the small side.

I guess I could work on some patterns. Since I am "improving" a few of my designs, I wasn't to improve the patterns first. Now that I have my little portable desk, I can work on that without moving too much. I just feel silly taking time off to nurse a sore neck.

I spent some time playing around with my icraft shop yesterday. I am trying to split up my work between both my Etsy shop and my icraft shop but I my original idea for my icraft shop was to showcase my handbags there and leave Etsy as my leather, jewelry, etc. shop. I would love to finish a few more handbags by the holidays. I guess if I get over this soreness and really bust my butt, I could make a few for the shows and my shop. I really like the icraft set-up, I wish I knew of some other ways to get the word out about it, I try with all my might to let others know about it, since it is less than a year old it is hard to tell where it will go, I hope it does really well.


Brandon said...

Your work is so vibrant and lively! I love it!

Hope your body feel better. Arnic it alway helps me.


nicaeli said...

Thank you so much:) I will have to try Arnic, something has got to help!