Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Rush Is On!

I just finished my newest wallet, black leather stripes on embossed red suede with an antique button. I think it is pretty fun, it reminds me of fancy underwear for some reason. I listed this one in my icraft shop. I can't wait to make more!

Tis the season for rushing around and building up my inventory. I am finishing up one last custom order for the meanwhile and then the race is on. I need to get at least a few things finished for my trunk show next week. It should be a blast! A designer's showcase at one of our local galleries called the Accident Gallery in Eureka, CA. I haven't spent much time there so I don't know what to expect of the evening. It sounds like they have a pretty lively and fun little thing going right now which I find refreshing compared to the rest of the art scene in this area.

Mark and Ciaran will be enjoying a all boy's evening while I am peddling my wares at the trunk sale with my mom. Then it is all down hill after that. Along with wallets and bags, I am also making ornaments and a few pieces of jewelry for our next two shows in late November and early December. Boy time flies by. Each year I tell myself that I will be prepared and get a ton done before October 1st, rarely does that happen. It's very good this year because I have been working steadily and my sales have been pretty steady over the last couple of months so I am incredibly happy about that. So, the rush is on and off I go. Hopefully I will come up with some good stuff for this trunk show. The fun has just begun!

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