Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whistle While You Work

So, I am working my butt off on various projects and so good. I have a couple of these little wristlets cut out and ready to put together. I had so much fun doing the two custom pieces that I decided to make a few for my shop and my upcoming shows. I also want to try an oval shape, perhaps in a ladybug pattern, just for fun.

I have decided to look for clothing that would work well for lining my pieces. I keep finding shirts and skirts that would make great lining for my wallets, the trouble is finding something that isn't stretchy or slippery. I also ran across a piece of cotton that I dyed a while back that I will be using for my pieces. I was super excited about hitting the thrift stores today but once again my head is pounding with the change in weather. Sinus problems are so frustrating! I am researching some natural remedies for sinus problems other than snorting salt water which really just messed me up big time. It hurt like hell and I couldn't breath right for a couple of days afterward. So herbs, teas, etc. are the next road for me.


BooHooHoo said...

I get sinus headaches. I hope you get better.

kim* said...

love this one the colors are fab!