Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bird Poop and Big Shows

So Ciaran and I are walking home from downtown and as we near the fire station I check out the wires to see if there are any birds hanging out up there. Of course every bird and his or her mama is hanging out on the wire cheerfully chattering away. Usually we walk around but since I had a lot of stuff and Ciaran was walking along side me I didn't want to cut into the street to get around them. When Mark and I take Ciaran for walks when the birdies are out we usually scream "CLOACA!" and dash into the street covering our heads. That way it scares the birds enough to fly the other way for a couple minutes so we can make it through the treacherous pass without being pooped on. No such luck, I decided to try and make it at a quick pace with stroller and Ciaran in hand and I managed to make it halfway through.....then...........PLOP!.........and there it was all over my shirt. A big purple bird splat right on the boob! Not only did the little jerk poop right on my nice blue shirt, but left a purple stain there as a reminder. All I have to say on the subject now is that my little son's first phrase is probably going to be "F'ing Birds!" and that, at this moment, is quite alright with me.

On a happier note, I got a phone call from my mom to let me know that we have gotten into the biggest holiday craft show in the area. It is called " The Humboldt Artisan's Holiday Arts and Music Festival" Finally! this is after three years of being turned down. It is the one craft show in the area that actually brings in a crowd! So I am excited and I really need to get my butt in gear, and get stuff done! Wish me luck! ( I sure hope that bird poop was a lucky one:)


Giftbearer said...

That was a hilarious article! The birds must really have to go where you live, LOL.

nicaeli said...


yesterday on our walk home the sidewalk was covered with purple poop, maybe they are just eating too many berries.