Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back To The Fair

The two newest pieces in my newest favorite color scheme. Each also has some of the improvements I have been talking about, mainly extra storage in the pouch and a zipper compartment in the wallet. Now that I have a few pieces in this combination, I will be trying out some different colors over the next few days. I am expecting a pair of bright orange leather pants sometime tomorrow for more wallet making fun! Oh it will be a colorful and busy week, full of deadlines and surprises, Yay! keep the coffee coming!

So, my goal was to get the kid and the man to go to the fair yesterday but due to a certain man's indecision about the whole thing, we ended up staying home. I took Ciaran for a nice long walk just to get out of the house and get my grouchy grumblies out so I wouldn't have a nasty, un-fun evening. I think I would be fine with indecision if it didn't mean that everyone is effected by it. Especially since I was led to believe that the dude wanted to go, so I waited for him to go for his bike ride, then we waited for him to shower and eat lunch, then after I had gotten all ready to go...........he changed his mind. Man, I could have taken the boy while he was out riding and stopped for a cookie and a coffee on the way, hit the fabric shop, the antique shop, and the art store! Now I have to put all my shopping off until Monday! So today, Ciaran and I go to the fair, whether indecision dude wants to go or not. It is such a shame when people you love act lame! I love the man but he deserves some extra sour raspberries at the moment!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

LOL!!! Sour raspberries. I can absolutely relate!

nicaeli said...

Thanks, he must have felt bad because when we got home from the fair yesterday, the kitchen and living room were spotless(he makes up by cleaning things:)