Monday, September 22, 2008

So....The Fair

So, Ciaran and I went to the fair after his nap yesterday. I had to get another sheet of copper for a mask I am finishing and grab something for dinner so we did all that first and then cruised the fair. I guess the end of the fair is not the time to go. We saw lots of beautiful things, lots of tired vendors, and lots of sun burnt, hungover fair goers. It was pretty giggle worthy. I remember when I was teaching a few years back, Mark and I would go and hang out on the grass, drink beer, and listen to music. I was always super paranoid that one of the kids or their families would see me there and scrutinize me. So I usually took it pretty easy and had maybe one beer, followed by a cup of coffee and definitely some food, so I could keep my composure while I was there. Now I wonder why I ever bothered.......the entire town of Arcata is there and drinking up a storm. Lots o' tipsy persons wandering around. Truly giggle worthy indeed! Funny, Funny stuff, and no puke this year, usually I end up walking behind someone that has had too much sun, fun, and alcohol, and loses it all over his or her feet and everyone else near them.

Other than that I got my mask just about put together. Now comes the hammering fun! I love the hammering part but the family does not! Mark gets grumpy, the cats scramble and hide, and Ciaran runs laps around the couch shrieking at the top of his lungs. Someday, I will have my very own studio, and none of them are invited on hammering day!

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