Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Sleepy Day

So here I am waiting patiently for my bright orange leather pants in the mail so I can make some more lovely things from them. I didn't get much sleep last night, Ciaran was once again with us and spent the night tossing and turning, talking, and climbing on top of my head to get comfortable. This morning he has a ton of energy and is also a little on the cranky side which doesn't match up well with my tiredness. Luckily, the neighbors' tabby cat has come to visit and Ciaran is getting a kick out of watching the kitty frolic about on the deck. If I was more awake I would be enjoying the antics more. It is good for a little giggle though for sure. Our cats hate it when the tabby comes to visit and I think the tabby knows that by the way he does his theatrical rolling and pouncing while looking in our window the whole time.

After kitty antics are done, we head downtown to mail off some more goods and search for zippers and ingredients for our big pot of chili. I may also sneak in a trip to the thrift store and the art store for a few little special treats for myself. More wool sweaters, cotton shirts, leather, who knows! The last visit to the thrift store ended up in the purchase of a new toy boat for Ciaran for twenty cents. It was the little boat or a huge rubber lobster. Ciaran picked the boat and I thank him for that. It was way easier to carry home.


Colleen Mills said...

Oh the antics of our feline friends.Mine keep me company by laying on the computer monitor and my datebook.Gotta keep mommies things from escaping.
I just started a new blog this weekend for etsy sellers and also some marketing ideas. Please go check it out and tell me what you think.

kim* said...

this one has an 80s feel to it or early 90s

nicaeli said...

Thanks! I think my designs are super influenced by my younger years:)