Sunday, November 2, 2008

Confusion Is My Middle Name?

At least I think it is! I am working hard at figuring out my new sewing machine. So far, so good but I get thrown for a loop once in awhile. The whole tension thing has confuzzled my brain! I think I have it.........then I don't. I am hoping I will be able to sew soon without the owner's manual sitting in my lap. I would be a lot more comfortable. I did manage to finish the little devil's finery on it though and it worked beautifully. There he is above in all his devilish wonderment. He had such a great time downtown. He was delighted the whole time and very proud of his costume.(So was his mommy!) We had a blast and it even waited to storm until we were safe at home.

I love Halloween! It is so different now with a little one than back a few years. It is so exciting to see Ciaran get excited about it. It truly made my day to see him so happy in his costume and even happier that he didn't want his candy and handed it off to me. I do miss heading downtown late on Halloween night to costume watch at bar row on the plaza, but spending a stormy evening at home with my two favorite guys and some spooky movies was the best!

So the sewing and soldering rush is on. I just hope I get enough done to get through the holidays! While I await the arrival of some new leather needles, I will be cutting, gluing and soldering. I plan to tear butt over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more details

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