Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Cheer-up Those That Are Un-Cheerable

How do you cheer-up those that are un-cheerable? I really want to know because I feel that if I continue to try my soul will be sucked right out of my big toe never to be seen again! I can't always surround myself with happiness and cheer, but I refuse to drown in someone else's sorrows either. I guess I just need to keep plugging along and try to be an ear and a shoulder, but my ear hurts now and my shoulder is soggy and nothing ever seems to get resolved. I know everyone has to dig through their own piles to find their own little pot of shiny happiness but sometimes I wanna shake all the darkness and cobwebs out of them and say "snap out of it! PLEASE!" That is my rant for today. I am off to sew and drink more coffee!

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