Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are stuck inside again. I have made my peace with it but my son has not. He has been wandering around for the last twenty minutes saying " Oh No!" in a teary, whiny sort of way. I feel bad for the little guy. He needs to get out to play. I guess it will have to be this evening on account of we are waiting for Grandma to come by for a few minutes, but we are not sure what time she is coming. We did get to go downtown for an adventure at the post office and the art store, and then to the school down the street to vote. Ciaran liked voting. While I voted, Ciaran flirted with anyone and everyone he could make eye contact. He even went so far as to throw his sippy and a stuffed alligator at a couple of voters that were not paying attention to his flirting. I am sure they appreciated that. So today the party is over. Ciaran can only flirt with me and the cats for so long before he loses interest. We are not all that exciting, especially after being locked inside a cramped apartment for days on end. All I can do is reassure the poor little guy that we will eventually get out again and he can resume his flirting with all of Arcata.

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