Saturday, November 22, 2008

Puke and Other Destruction

I woke up this morning to the sound of my sickly cat Humbug vomiting in the hallway. When I got up to check on her there were three piles of puke throughout our apartment. Then I looked out our window to find that all of the berry brambles that were secluding our apartment from outside viewing are gone. We are left with a bare patch of mud with lots of twigs and leaves scattered about and a huge green tractor-thingy parked out in front of our deck. I am wondering what the plan is. Hopefully nothing too loud and bothersome. I already have a headache from scrubbing up puke piles first thing in the morning.

Oh well, at least I am getting some work done. Today it's off to the fabric store to get a few things to finally hunker down and finish up this big pile of stuff for my show next week. I finished this one yesterday. I think it might be a wallet that one of Dr. Suess' characters might use:)

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