Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Don't Have Time For This!

Not today anyways. I woke up feeling like I was underwater. My head is all stuffy, my legs are achy, and my belly feels like a slept with a pile of bricks on top of it. Weird! I am trying so desperately to be ready for this weekend's fun and games and now I feel like a big steamy turd! Maybe a little nap will help. The very vivid dreams I've been having lately don't help much. I awoke from one involving submarines, alien sea monsters, toothpicks, foil wrapped chicken, marshmallows, and a sling shot................... I would love to have that one interpreted.

In happier news,my little sister is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Kiara! Have a lovely day!

The little tortoise egg is doing well. It developed a very distinct dark spot and a is now growing an opaque band around it's center, just like it's supposed to. Oh happy day! I sure hope the little guy/gal is comfy and warm. It would be so cool to have another shelled baby wandering around. We will see. I am thinking good and happy healthy baby thoughts.

Other than that it is work, work, work, (which I am loving, it feels good to be busy) and baking some pumpkin bread and pies. I promised my family I would not experiment this year, I do not want to repeat last year's disaster where I set our oven on fire and made a very hideous tasting pumpkin cheesecake.

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