Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tortoise Eggs Are Cool!

I never really thought that Imogene would lay an egg. I was so surprised when I found she had laid one yesterday in their enclosure. I had done some reading in the past about breeding tortoises but I kind of gave up since both of my little shelled wonders didn't seem very interested in even becoming friends for a long time. So yesterday when I found the egg I started up my reading again to make sure I am doing things right for the little thing. I can't wait to post a picture or two of the egg so everyone can see. Right now it is translucent white and when held up to the light I see a little dark patch on the bottom inside the egg. That patch will darken over the next couple weeks if the egg is in fact fertilized. So we are holding our breath and crossing our fingers for the little guy/gal until then.

The picture above is actually of a gopher tortoise hatching, I love that picture!


Camera Girl said...

Aww it's cute! I've never had a pet turtle before whats it like? Do they have a lot of personality?

nicaeli said...


I think they do, they don't do a lot other than eat, climb and sleep, but mine love to have their backs rubbed and their scales scritched:)