Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dude! Don't Call Me At 7:30 AM About Voting!

"Argghhhh! All I am going to do is pick up the phone and scream at you anyways, I don't care if you're a robot! "

That is how I started my morning. With phone call after phone call from robot upon robot about voting.

I will vote in my own damn time, damn it! It would be nice to get prepared for the day first robotman! If you don't mind.

Then I had a fake chocolaty donut and a big frothy latte and I calmed down. Then the sun came out and I realized I had all of my packages ready to ship out and my voting decisions all ready to go. Then everything is o.k. I don't get why the robot voting squad would ever think it would be o.k. to phone someone before 10 am. I hope all robots are not as rude as the one that jarred me awake this morning.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Yes robots are rude rude rude! Indians 10:30 pm aren't good either!

nicaeli said...

yes, I would have to agree:)