Friday, December 12, 2008

Tabby Wars

I was just finishing up my listing for this little pouch when the big whirlwind of excitement occurred. I was peacefully pressing buttons and typing away when BLAM! THERE HE WAS! Smacking the window with all of his might! The big grey tabby with white socks that lives under our deck. He usually comes up to taunt our cat Mac, who growls and hisses and sputters while he rolls back and forth on the deck with his fuzzy belly in the air. He seems to enjoy mocking her, and I get a pretty good kick out of it too. Today, he happened across our huge Tabby boy Yui. Yui usually minds his own business and seems to be scared of his own shadow. Today, he must have had it with the other cat's antics though because he stalked the other tabby through the window and ended up standing upright on his back two legs, frantically scratching and clawing the window to get at Big Tabby. It was a battle in silence, neither party said a word, they just smacked at each other through the window, over and over again. Then they both stopped, and sat and stared at one another for about five minutes. Big Tabby was distracted by a bird flying overhead, and Yui was distracted by the sound of a can of cat food being kicked across the floor. The battle was over. No one was harmed. Life is peaceful again.

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