Monday, December 15, 2008

Cuffs and Other New Stuff

I have been battling some sort of yuckiness the past few days and my Christmas projects have been put off. So with a lovely icy storm coming in from Alaska, the kiddo and I have been stuck inside for the last day or two. I decided to use that time to play around with my projects and think about some new items for my shops. I am playing around with some new cuff designs, very similar applique work to my wallets and upcoming handbags, and they look pretty good! I have one now that I am playing with, I will be adding some beads to it and figuring out a new closure for it. I love how the button and loop looks, it is extra comfortable during wear, but, some people just aren't in to that whole button thing. The cuff I have posted here is a little on the small side so the closure doesn't look fantastic like the others. So I will try a snap, and an elastic closure for my next few.

The handbag I am putting together is coming out great. A mixture of purples, mauves, and brown. Lots of texture, and a nice shape. I am messing around a bit with one of my older designs to make it a little more appealing. I am hopeful that I can put a few together to list in my shops when the new year comes. I am just so excited about new designs that it is hard to concentrate on just one. I hope everyone likes the new stuff. I am definitely having a great time coming up with new items.

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