Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am Frozen With A Cold

Yes, both at the same time. It is coldish here and I have a cold too. I made the mistake of deciding to walk downtown yesterday instead of taking the bus. The storm that was supposed to have come in last night made it an afternoon appearance instead, leaving me pretty much soaked all over. I have been fighting off a sore throat/cold thing since last Sunday and MAN OH MAN did it hit last night. Chills, aches, stuffiness, you name it. I am still cold but in a better mood and looking forward to another adventure in handbag making. This time in some super funky embossed, metallic leathers that my sister picked out for her new handbag. Since it is a super simple bag design, it should be a snap, other than putting in a hidden zipper pocket. I will let you all know how that goes. All that and a trip to the mall to help Mark do a little shopping for the kiddo and the parents. All I know is that I am getting myself a mocha! YES!!!!

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