Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Disgusting and I LOVE IT!

I am wearing the grubbiest, dustiest, old sweater there ever was and I LOVE IT! It is warm, it is comfortable, it just came out of the dryer so it smells nice, and it goes with my grubby old wool socks that I love too. I think I may wear this outfit straight through the holidays. Nothing like hanging around the house on a rainy day making cool stuff in a worn out old sweater. With all these super cold storms coming our way, I see no sense in changing into real clothes, it is pointless when I will not be leaving the house at all today......well.........maybe to go up the street to get chips and salsa, but I am not changing, not showering, and not even brushing my teeth. Because it is Saturday, and I am feeling really lazy.

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