Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas Cold and Hangover to Match

What a wonderful Christmas except for the nasty cold and a little bit of a hangover from my shot of whiskey and a glass of wine to follow. Lots of wonderful gifts for the little boy and lovely times for everyone. Today I am actually sore, like a ran a marathon or something. I think it is from keeping the kiddo propped up on the couch all night so he could breath. He has a pretty nasty cold but seems to be in really good spirits despite the really runny nose and not quite knowing what to do with all of that snot.

Today is the last day with my sister and cousins before they head back to L.A. It has been so nice to have them all here, I wish they could stay much longer. But no, back to real life, she and the kids get to go and enjoy the rest of the holiday season with more family, and back to work for me. I am lucky enough to be working on a couple orders for the next week. Yay! happy times!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aww I hope he's feeling better now! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with family.

nicaeli said...

Thanks! He is back to normal, now that he has passed it on to his dad.