Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'll Take One of These Please

I so wish there was some wonderful fairy that would just drop a christmas tree at my door so I wouldn't have to cart my son downtown and struggle with pushing his stroller and dragging a tree home at the same time.

Having no car makes it tricky to get things like Christmas trees. My first Christmas back in Humboldt, I carried my tree home from the store. It was a tiny little thing but quite sticky with sap and prickly. I made it home despite hoots and hollers and pointy fingers and this is how it looked.

This year I am thinking I will buy a live tree. We have a bit of space to plant it outside when the holiday is over and the live trees are so lovely and the perfect size for our little apartment. I can't wait to decorate my little tree and sit at night watching the little colorful lights. Yay for pretty little trees, they smell great too!


esque said...

I wish we had the room for a live tree (and to plant it afterwards). Can't wait to see yours all decorated!


nicaeli said...

thanks! I will definitely post pics:)