Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I decided to get a little bit of cleaning and organizing done. I am making myself three tasks a day each week to do to get our little place organized. So far I have two gross tasks and one o.k. one for today. I get to clean out the fridge, which smells like the most horrible halitosis ever, thanks to the two week old chicken mushroom surprise quietly melting into the top shelf, and many other lost and forgotten food items that get pushed to the very back and ignored. Then I get to clean the mushrooms and hair clumps out of the faucet in the tub, this strangely fascinates me, the fungus that grows is absolutely gorgeous but I just hate having to pry it out with a screwdriver, and the hair clumps are disgusting, but I feel so accomplished when they are removed. Finally, I get to sort Ciaran's old baby clothes into little piles: one for dumping(cause they are just too stained or damaged for use), the other for storage. How exciting! Then I can finally work on my leatha!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Such a wise woman you are to pace yourself. Last week in a blaze of restlessness I cleared out 3 whole rooms and shampooed the carpets. Fast forward to today and my poor daughter is still sleeping on the sofa waiting patiently (thanks to cable TV) for me to put her bedroom back together. Only now, the restlessness has subsided. *sigh*

nicaeli said...

Thanks! I used to try to do everything in one day but found out that it led to a three day recovery period with everything from sore muscles to cut and scraped hands to really bad allergy attacks. I just couldn't do it any more.

Oh! I get to do the carpets later in the year, I hate doing the carpets, especially moving furniture around. Blah! I hope all went well with yours:)